Mason Van Houweling


Mason brings 24 years of healthcare experience to UMC from small community hospitals to those with more than 1,000 beds. Mason has a proven track record of balancing the financial performance of a hospital while providing uncompromised patient care. He has implemented programs to reduce readmissions, streamline billing practices and improve HCAHPS scores.

Mason’s hospital administration career began in Orlando, FL, then he moved west to Dallas, TX and most recently to Spring Valley and Valley Hospitals in Las Vegas, NV. All the while, Mason has served as a Healthcare Administrator in the Air Force Reserves.

Mason is responsible for the direction of all clinical and administrative services at UMC and provides policy guidance and program evaluation to management and elected officials. He encourages and facilitates consistent improvement in the provision of services to customers by staff; fosters cooperative working relationships with intergovernmental and regulatory agencies, public and private organizations and UMC staff.

Formerly COO at UMC, Mason was appointed as CEO in December 2014.