Mission, Vision, Values


Connecting the Nevada health care community by providing the real-time, secure and accurate exchange of clinical information to improve the quality and continuum of care for the patient.


Connecting all patients and care providers throughout Nevada to improve the quality and value of patient-centered care.


Patient-centered care

There are many people and groups involved in an effective health care system. However, one common mission binds us together. We will always put the patient’s needs at the center of our focus.

Involving patients and providers

The HIE must improve the quality and reduce the costs of health care. If these two goals are not met, the purpose of the HIE is void. HealtHIE Nevada understands that quality health care is about the relationship between the patient and the provider. We will always keep the patient and the provider involved in the development of the HIE as appropriate.

Achieving financial sustainability

The HIE must achieve financial sustainability by serving the needs of the provider and evolving to respond to each group’s needs in an informed way. We will always maintain a balanced and fair model for sustainability that aligns the costs with the benefits related to the HIE.

Protecting information integrity

Protecting patient privacy and security is a priority as well as ensuring the accuracy of the data exchanged. We will always share the right information at the right time for the right reasons.

Evolving to meet community needs

Ongoing research and analysis of changing needs and technologies will keep the system dynamic and timely. We will always strive to provide stakeholders with meaningful information to assist in making informed health care decisions.

Earning the trust of all stakeholders

Collecting and exchanging the data to measure performance from all perspectives provides continuity throughout the organization to foster trust among Nevada’s hospitals, providers, laboratories, pharmacies, patients and the HIE. We will always abide by current privacy and security regulations, ensuring access to data is limited to those with the appropriate consent.