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Interoperability via Direct Messaging with Kno2


According to a recent study, the average primary care physician in the United States interacts annually with 229 other doctors in 117 different practices1, yet many providers still rely on paper, fax and physical transport to transfer patient information. These methods are slow, unsecure and add significantly to administrative costs.

Under the 2014 Edition (Stage 2) Meaningful Use requirements, healthcare organizations are required to be able to send and receive clinical summaries via Direct Messaging.

HealtHIE Nevada’s Direct Messaging offers a standard, secure messaging exchange method that can help you achieve Stage 2 Meaningful Use, while providing an efficient point-to-point vehicle for the exchange of timely patient data.


HealtHIE Nevada’s Direct Messaging uses Kno2’s cloud-based, clinical document exchange platform. Through their system, you can receive and transform health records like faxes, x-rays, videos and other paper or digital files, and send them out compliant with today’s changing regulations!

Through our Direct Messaging system, a primary care provider can send clinical data to a specialist to initiate a referral, and the specialist can send completed consultation notes and data back to the referring provider, directly and securely. It’s the only way to electronically exchange patient information directly between clinicians’ EHRs.

Direct Messaging also increases security of patient records, ensuring that they reach their intended destination in an auditable way.