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Status of connection to eClinicalWorks

Current status: No updates as of 11/21/2016

Here at HealtHIE Nevada, we’ve been working hard for the last year to update the software that makes the HIE run. HIE 2.0 offers exciting improvements including replacement of the Virtual Health Record (VHR) with Web Access, offering a new user interface that is easier to navigate, saving you time in finding the information you need to support patients.

Unfortunately, the upgrade to 2.0 comes with some challenges. We are experiencing issues connecting clients who use eClinicalWorks with the new interface. We are working to fix the issues, but do not expect to have a full resolution before we shut off the HIE 1.5 environment in December of this year.

We are reaching out to answer questions you may have about this transition.

FAQ about connection issues with 2.0

Q: Who does this disconnect affect?

Only providers using eClinicalWorks with a live interface to HealtHIE Nevada (results delivered directly into eClinicalWorks).

Q: Is there a timeline for a solution?

We have been working with eClinicalWorks for some time to enable the exchange capability, and will continue to do so. The ability to establish and test connectivity will take through spring of 2017, so we estimate a solution to be available in the summer of 2017.

Q: How many providers are affected by this disconnect?

We have eight current clients with an eClinicalWorks interface on the old HIE 1.5 system. When HIE 1.5 system is shut down, they will no longer have an automatic interface with the HealtHIE Nevada.

Q: What will we experience with our current interface when 1.5 is shut down?

Lab, radiology and transcription results will no longer be routed to your eClinicalWorks EMR unless you connect to the HIE 2.0 interface via Web Access and download documents.

Q: What are my options to stay connected to the HIE?

HealtHIE Nevada Web Access is a web-based portal that provides access to the most complete longitudinal patient record available in Nevada and  is the most common method of interaction between community providers and the HIE. Patient consent, clinical information from hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, laboratories and physician offices are available for treating providers through a web-based portal.

Through HealtHIE Nevada Web Access, you will have continued access to patient information from the HIE which can be downloaded and uploaded directly into eClinicalWorks as a document.

Q: When will HIE 1.5 be shut down?

We estimate the shut down of the 1.5 interface to take place in December of this year.

Q: Will HealtHIE Nevada stay in contact with me during the down time?

Yes. HealtHIE Nevada will provide a monthly email with a status update of the progress of connecting to eClinicalWorks. We will also update status on this page.

Q: Where do I go with further questions?

Please reach out to HIE Support or your account manager for additional questions. We are always available at HIESupport@comagine.org, or by calling (855) 484-3443.