Employee Spotlight – Kevin Kelly

How well do you know the HealtHIE Nevada staff? We’d like to think we have some of the most talented and interesting folks around! In this Employee Spotlight, we cornered our unflappable account manager, Kevin Kelly.

What is your title and what do you do for HealtHIE Nevada?

My title is account manager. I engage in sales/outreach, as well as developing and managing relationships with some of our key accounts.

What did you do before coming to HealtHIE Nevada/HealthInsight?

I’ve worn a bunch of hats. I was in entertainment for a long time—I got to work with my wife as a producer on a project immediately before joining HealthInsight. Before that I sold cars. Before that I was a product support specialist for Disney Interactive (the video game company for Disney). I was a barista at Starbucks at one point.

What is the most rewarding part about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

Sometimes it gets lost in the day-to-day grind, but we have the opportunity to affect people. We help doctors deliver better care. We help them save and improve quality of life.

What is something you are excited about in the future of HealtHIE Nevada?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the HIE. Right now it’s a data repository and delivery platform – which is essential. But the potential on the analytics side can’t be overstated. In all of that data are connections and patterns nobody has thought of. The causes and cures for diseases and conditions are in that data.

Tell us a little about your hobby/hobbies?

I’m a media geek and a gearhead. Old habits die hard. I keep up with politics, entertainment, and science news.  I also love to tinker around the house – I recently installed some WiFi enabled light switches in my house.  My wife rolls her eyes and asks “do we need that?”  Then a week later she remarks how cool it is to turn things on and off from her phone.

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance? 

I don’t know that I do. Although we live in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, or even just walking my dogs with my wife in the morning or late evening—the sunrises and sunsets here are spectacular.

What’s your favorite movie and why?

Field of Dreams. I always lose it at the end when Kevin Costner says “Dad, you wanna have a catch?”  I’m tearing up right now as I type this. Close second is Joe vs. the Volcano—the first movie Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan worked together on.

What’s something about you few people know? 

I used to work for the CIA. Wait…no, that was Chuck Barris. I was an assistant for the Chairman of the Miss America Pageant from 2007-2010. Those were the years it was held in Las Vegas. I never got the chance to go.

Anything else you’d like to add about yourself?

Taurus, married, two kids from a previous marriage, two dogs from my current marriage. My son JUST graduated from high school.

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