HealtHIE Nevada In Your Post-Acute Care Setting!

Opportunities to help define Post-Acute Care HIE

Here at HealtHIE Nevada we recognize the value added to the Post-Acute Care settings in participating in the Health Information Exchange (HIE). We understand the
day-to-day workflow is different from that of a hospital, physician, or other healthcare setting. HealtHIE Nevada involves our community inplanning the growth of the HIE. We are conducting onsite process observations and focus groups for these settings throughout April 2013. The primary focus is to learn about your workflow in the Post-Acute care setting. By understanding the workflow in your facility, i.e. the admit, discharge, and referral process, we will be able to customize the services offered by HealtHIE Nevada.
In mid-April we will host focus groups to summarize the results of the onsite process observations, discuss popular EHR’s in post-acute settings, and identify barriers and solutions to implementing the HIE. In keeping with that tradition, we would like to schedule one or two appointments to have a member of our staff visit your facility and observe. If you would like to recommend your facility or any other, provide us with contact details. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this process with you in an upcoming edition of the HealtHIE Nevada Chronicle.

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