EHR Adoption Support

For those providers who have already made the switch to Electronic Health Records (EHR), HealtHIE Nevada is the only solution that delivers a complete, fast and accurate information exchange to fully utilize the benefits of your existing system.

Providers are required to have EHR’s by 2014, or risk serious penalties, including reimbursement issues associated with Medicare and Medicaid. For those providers who haven’t yet made the change to EHR, HealtHIE Nevada can help you make the transition quickly, easily and affordably.

Getting Started

Through the implementation process, HealtHIE Nevada will spend 12 weeks with your organization working out a project development plan, along with risk assessments, needs analysis and system validation. If you haven’t yet transitioned to EHR, please visit for a customized project plan.

Workflow Guidance

In addition to the initial setup, HealtHIE Nevada will also help you adapt your existing workflow to one which takes EHR and HIE into account, easing the transition process for both physicians and support staff. Your staff will receive customized training, both virtual and onsite, as well as manuals and workbooks with additional information.