EHR Connectivity

Without the added benefits of a usable information exchange, you will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of EHR. In addition, future meaningful use requirements necessitate the use of an HIE beginning in 2014. Finally, health care professionals without a functioning EHR will incur penalties. By coming in on the ground floor, your practice will become an industry leader as HIE transforms health care over the coming decade

Currently, HealtHIE Nevada is the only available option for transmitting electronic health records in the state of Nevada. Although a state-run solution is in development, full operation is still years away. Meeting the EHR and HIE requirements proactively through HealtHIE Nevada will save time and frustration later on.

Benefits of Connected EHR

When an HIE is implemented, the risks to patients are reduced, as information is shared among all doctors, specialists, laboratories, radiologists, and hospitals. This not only improves the quality of medical care but also carries the potential to save lives, particularly for patients who have experienced health emergencies while traveling.

In addition to the tremendous benefits to patient care, office efficiency is also improved. Staff will no longer need to request records via phone, fax or email. Instead, accurate, real time data on diagnostic imaging and tests will be available immediately via a secure network.

Cost Benefits

With the reduction in redundant testing and medical errors, there is a potential in minimizing malpractice overhead. Time savings allow providers to see more patients, benefitting your bottom line with a positive ROI. EHR is already a significant investment; true ROI of that investment will be seen through the implementation of HealtHIE Nevada.