HealtHIE Images

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Instantly Access and View Patients’ Diagnostic-Quality Images

HealtHIE Images gives health care providers instant access to diagnostic-quality medical images managed through HealtHIE Chart.


HealtHIE Images is for use among health care providers and diagnostic facilities, such as radiology center and laboratories, needing to quickly collaborate and instantly communicate patient image findings.


STREAMLINE WORKFLOW. Through HealtHIE Chart, connected health care providers are supplied rapidly with shared diagnostic images, which expedites informed decision-making and reduces delays and costs due to rework.

ENHANCE QUALITY OF CARE. Detailed real-time imaging and side-by-side image comparisons allow clinicians to provide the best care to patients in routine, urgent and emergency care settings.

TRANSFER TO PACS. Radiologists and other clinicians needing on-demand access to prior imaging studies can query external Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) to transfer images into local PACS and quickly view the historical patient images.


To speak to an account representative and learn more about how HealtHIE Nevada can help reduce your operational costs, please call 855-4-THE-HIE (855-484-3443) or email

HealtHIE Images is included in a monthly subscription.

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