HealtHIE Messaging

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Use Secure, Direct Messages to Share Patient Information with Other Providers

HealtHIE Messaging is a secure, encrypted email system where patient information can be shared across providers and patient care environments.


It allows care management communications between navigators and clinicians in care settings, including acute care facilities, long-term acute care, rehabilitation units, skilled nursing facilities, pharmacies and other organizations needing to send and receive patient information quickly.


COST-EFFECTIVE. Quickly communicating patient information electronically saves time and money for providers, patients and payers. Messaging helps to streamline information management systems by eliminating:

  • Scanning, faxing and mailing
  • Massive record documentation
  • Administrative costs
  • Courier services

SECURE. HealtHIE Messaging is HIPAA compliant and operates through an encrypted network, ensuring that patient information is safe and secure.

EFFICIENT. It offers providers instant access to accurate and timely patient data, reducing the need for expensive hospitalizations, and duplicate testing and imaging.


To speak to an account representative and learn more about how HealtHIE Nevada can help reduce your operational costs, please call 855-4-THE-HIE (855-484-3443) or email

HealtHIE Messaging is included in a monthly subscription.

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