HealtHIE Alerts

alert icon Receive Real-Time Notifications of Important Patient Events

HealtHIE Alerts notifies health care providers and payers immediately whenever a patient event, such as admission, discharge, transfer or any other important clinical incident, has occurred.


HealtHIE Alerts is for use among health care providers and payers requiring real-time notifications about patients they serve to support earlier interventions and improved quality of care.


MITIGATE RISK. Lapses of care and patient readmissions are costly and can reduce patient loyalty to their health care providers. Real-time alerts ensure important patient events are recognized and enable earlier follow-up care.
QUALITY PAYMENTS. Medicare and other quality payment programs reward providers who report better health, satisfaction and financial outcomes enabled through early recognition of care improvement opportunities.
EASE OF ACCESS. Well-timed notifications can be received via secure email or by pushing directly to electronic health records.


To speak to an account representative and learn more about how HealtHIE Nevada can help reduce your operational costs, please call 855-4-THE-HIE (855-484-3443) or email

HealtHIE Alerts can be added to a monthly subscription.

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