Surgeons and Surgery Centers

HealtHIE Nevada provides one location where Nevada patient clinical information can be accessed safely and easily by surgeons and surgery centers.


  • Impacts quality measures
  • Obtains history, medical diagnoses, lab results, radiology reports and images prior to surgery
  • Improves communication during transitions of care between settings
  • Allows for the exchange of clinical information with other providers
  • Reduces avoidable hospital readmissions
  • Decreases duplicate testing
  • Identifies and decreases infections resistant to antibiotics


One location to access patient information, including:

  • Patient encounters
  • Care summaries (including transcribed notes, history and physical, reports, consults etc.)
  • Lab results
  • Radiology images and reports
  • Prescribed medications
  • Problem lists
  • Immunizations
  • Patient clinical data from other locations

COST-EFFECTIVE. Easy access to updated and comprehensive patient records saves time and costs associated with staff needing to retrieve information from other care sites.

IMPROVED QUALITY. Immediate access to information improves quality of care and patient loyalty, and lowers cost of care by improving care coordination and reducing duplicate testing, preventable hospitalizations and information discrepancies.

SECURE. HealtHIE Nevada is HIPAA-compliant and EHNAC-certified, ensuring that patient information is safe and secure.


To speak to an account representative and learn more about how HealtHIE Nevada can help reduce your operational costs, please call 855-4-THE-HIE (855-484-3443) or email

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