HIE-Learning Portal Now Includes Direct Messaging Course

The HIE-Learning Portal has grown to over 1,000 users with access to online training for our health information exchange. The users can use this convenient online tool to learn how to search, download, and view clinical patient information in HIE Web Access, and the Portal has also been expanded to offer additional training.

Users can now learn how to use the Direct Messaging services offered by HealtHIE Nevada, including viewing received message and sending messages.

The new HIE-Learning Portal Direct Messaging course includes six modules to introduce users to this exciting new function, including signing in, requesting records, configuring the inbox, and how to triage patient information. This course describes the details from beginning through usage of the Direct Messaging solution using interactive modules and videos to enable a user to successfully navigate the system. After completing the course, users will be able to transition paper processes like faxes to electronic records.

If you are interested in learning more about the HIE-Learning Portal, Direct Messaging or any other course, please contact us at HIELearning@healthinsight.org.

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