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How Do I Sign Up?

Medical-bag-iconYou must give permission (consent) for your health care provider to view your health information in the HIE.*  

You may:

  1. Agree to have all of your information shared with  your providers;
  2. Agree to have your information shared with your providers only in an emergency; or
  3. You may choose not to have any of your information shared for any reason.

Even with your consent, only providers and healthcare organizations that participate in the HIE can access your healthcare information. Click here to see if your provider or hospital is participating in the HIE.

Additional information about your consent:

  • You can change your consent selection at any time.
  • If your consent selection stays the same, you do not have to complete a new form-even if you change providers. There

*Nevada law states that “a person who is a recipient of Medicaid or insurance pursuant to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) may not opt out of having his or her individually identifiable health information disclosed electronically.”