How Will the Health Information Exchange Benefit Your Patients?

Faster, More Accurate Care

You may know the benefits of a Health Information Exchange (HIE), but do your patients know? As a key component for a successful HIE, we need patient involvement. Education is the key, and we need your help to get the word out.

Why do your patients need the HIE?

Your patient’s medical care team needs health information to correctly diagnose and treat them. Each member of the team may have a piece of the patient’s medical history. If the entire team can see the complete medical history, patients receive better care.

What are the key benefits for my patients?

• HealtHIE Nevada gives you a quick and easy way to see your patient’s health information. Health information can be lab, x-ray, and other test results that make up a medical history.

• As the information becomes available, the HIE will quickly send the data to you. A complete medical history lets you make faster and more correct choices when caring for your patients.

• When you share your patient’s medical history, you can manage their care better. Specialists will have the information they need faster. The emergency room staff can care for your patients even if they cannot answer questions.

• The HIE is safe and secure and can only be seen by the people who are caring for your patients.

• Patients will repeat the same tests less often.

• Patient records will still be safe and available if there is an emergency or natural disaster.

Who can see your patients’ health information?

Only doctors, hospitals, laboratories, radiologists, and pharmacies that are members of the HIE can see your personal information. The medical team can use your information only to diagnose and treat your medical problems.

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