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HealtHIE Nevada Services

HIE Web Access

With patient consent, clinical information from hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, laboratories and physician offices are available to treating providers through a web-based portal. HIE Web Access provides access to the most complete longitudinal patient record available in Nevada and is the most common method of interaction between community providers and the HIE.

Image Exchange

Image Exchange enables electronic sharing of diagnostic-quality images between health care professionals. Participants can quickly access images from Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) from participating imaging providers. A provider can access these images from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or through HIE Web Access. 

Project Management and Implementation

HealtHIE Nevada will provide a project manager to coordinate the implementation of your third-party EMR interface. Your project manager will customize a plan based on your needs and chosen products and services. This 12-week process includes a kick-off meeting, implementing the customized project plan, data validation, go-live and hand-over to ongoing support. 

Workflow Analysis and Redesign

HealtHIE Nevada’s workflow specialists will help you make the transition from your current workflow to a future state that integrates HIE-related processes. We offer up to 16 hours of analysis and redesign consultation as part of the subscription fee. 

Education and Training

Prior to going live, HealtHIE Nevada will provide up to 40 hours of customized training per site. We will train onsite—and virtually—through self-directed manuals and workbooks.

Support/Client Services

No technology service would be complete without a support service team. The team will handle all of your support requests quickly and efficiently for the life of your HIE participation.

IT Resources

HealtHIE Nevada can provide IT resources, when applicable, to suppor physician offices during their
implementation of data exchange through vendor interfaces.