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Through the evolution of the Health Information exchange it is critical to gather information for and from the community. Through your support, we can drive toward adoption of the HIE and alignment with Electronic Health Records. To show your support for HealtHIE Nevada you can help in the following ways:

  • Identify key information important to the success of the HIE
  • Ask questions of our team as well as stakeholders in the community
  • Attend focus groups, education seminars, workgroups
  • Identify value propositions for key stakeholders
  • Provide education about the HIE, your organization and the importance to the future of healthcare in state

By engaging in the community-based Health Information exchange, each of us can gain an understanding of the wants, needs, questions and concerns of the community as a whole.

Contact us at HIE@healthinsight.org or 1-855-4-THE-HIE.