No Cost Alerts

How Healthie Nevada Helps Practices, Nursing Homes and other Post Acute providers benefit from COP e-notify rules

Advantages for Practices and SNFs

Partnering with HealtHIE Nevada gives you unparalleled no cost access to alerts and should you decide, low cost access to clinical information such as hospital discharge summaries, lab results, imaging reports and medications using our HealtHIE Chart (Web Portal), Healthie Results (clinical results delivery) or HealtHIE Connect (EHR interface). Receiving alerts from your participating hospital is as easy as providing us with a list of your patients! Your list is more accurate than expecting your patient to identify you as their PCP during an ED or Hospital admission.

  • If you are a medical organization that participates with us through access to our HealtHIE Chart Web Portal or Healthie Connect interface, we will work with you to arrange for no or low cost delivery of alerts via any of the ways described below, please reach out to or
  • If you are a medical organization that does not currently participate with us we will work with you to arrange for no cost delivery of alerts. Please click on this link to request no cost alerts. A member of our Outreach team will contact you immediately to begin your enrollment process.