Tips on Retrieving Your HIE Password

One of the benefits of using HealtHIE Nevada’s HIE Web Access is the ease and efficiency of being able to update your user account with the new self-service account maintenance functionality. In addition to the practicality of self-service, it also saves you time by eliminating the need to contact the HealtHIE Nevada Support desk for something as simple as retrieving your password. You can make changes to your account anytime from anywhere.

The self-service feature allows you to recover account information in addition to:

  • Unlocking your account
  • Retrieving your username
  • Retrieving or resetting your password
  • Resetting your security questions
  • Updating your account profile

Things to remember when creating or changing your password:

  • Optum ID passwords must be a minimum of eight characters longs and must include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one numeric character
  • Passwords cannot include spaces
  • Passwords cannot include the ampersand symbol (&)
  • Passwords cannot include your user name

Of course, if you have issues with your account and need assistance, you can always contact HealtHIE Nevada support at or via the support page of our website.

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