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Learn more about how you can enable your medical care team to have your important health information available when they need it to correctly diagnose and treat you.

Medical Community

Medical Community

To learn how your practice can participate in HealtHIE Nevada, or to login to your personal account, visit our page that’s just for you.



Learn more about the benefits of EHR connectivity, and understand the EHR adoption support network that’s ready to assist in your transition to HealtHIE Nevada.

About Us

HealtHIE Nevada is the statewide community-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) that lets doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and other health care professionals easily access and share patient medical records quickly, securely and accurately at the point of care.

The HIE helps Nevada health care providers improve the coordination and quality of patient care. Decisions can be made more quickly and with a greater understanding of patient history than ever before.



Healthcare organizations are experiencing substantial pressures from initiatives and reforms such as new payment models, care quality measures and Meaningful Use requirements. Key to your success in this new environment is HIE technology. Through your participation in HealtHIE Nevada, healthcare data can be securely shared between organizations to help you comply with new specifications.

Information Exchange Portal Closes the Gap Between Health System and Social Services #HIE
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