The HealtHIE Nevada health information exchange (HIE) provides electronic connection among physicians, hospitals, labs and other health care organizations. Patient encounters, medication information, medical images, test results and care summaries are delivered instantly, accurately and securely when and where they are needed, instead of waiting for faxes or mail, allowing you to focus on the patient at the point of care.

  • Does your staff spend valuable time looking for patient records?
  • Do you feel held up by long wait times while expecting patient information?
  • Are your patients repeating costly and unnecessary tests?
  • If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, HealtHIE Nevada can help!

Our HIE can improve the quality of care you deliver by reducing time spent searching for medical records, mitigating duplicate testing and facilitating better care coordination, all of which increase patient satisfaction and help achieve better health outcomes.

HealtHIE Nevada is a private, nonprofit, community-based HIE dedicated to connecting health care organizations by managing real-time, secure and accurate exchange of clinical information.
We operate throughout the entire state and are the only open HIE available to the entire Nevada health care community.

  • All settings can participate
  • Save staff time spent faxing, phoning and emailing for results – now you can get them in one location
  • Greatly enhance care coordination with a patient-centric approach, especially with emergency room visits
  • Meet and exceed HIPAA privacy and security requirements
  • Decrease length of hospital stays by decreasing delay of information

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