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HealtHiE Nevada Helps Hospitals Comply with COP e-notify rules

CMS added new e-notify conditions of participation (CoPs) in the 21st Century Cures Act final rules. These CoPs require Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals with EMRs to send electronic hospital and emergency department notifications to providers beginning May 1, 2021. Your hospital is required to make a reasonable effort to ensures your EMR system sends notifications to the providers your patients identify as their primarily provider of post-acute care.

How it Helps You

Partnering with HealtHIE Nevada will alleviate this burden for you. Our HealtHIE-Notify service will guarantee that you are compliant with the CMS CoP e-notify requirements by handling the technical and procedural tasks associated with managing the alert flow. Your alerts will flow through HealtHIE Nevada directly to your patient’s medical community of care.

Advantages for Hospitals
  • Included as part of your subscription to HealtHIE Nevada.
  • A single connection for alert delivery allows us to do the work for you.
  • We send alerts at no cost to your community providers (using direct secure email (DSM))
  • We handle the provider registration process, so that your staff don’t have to.
  • Post Acute Care Providers who supply their patient lists to HealtHIE Nevada receive even more of your notifications improving your reporting
  • Reduces burden on your medical records staff. Alerted providers are likely to request additional clinical information. Providers can receive discharge summaries and other supplemental information through the HIE instead of reaching out to your medical records department.
  • Healthie Nevada will provide monthly reports for CoP compliance

New companies trying to get into this space because of this recent legislation, may solicit your interest with their tools that support admission, discharge, and transfer notifications and meet the “reasonable” requirements of the CoP regulations. However, these organizations do not have State based relationships that HealtHIE Nevada has developed over our 10-year history being Nevada’s only health information exchange with its network of community providers http://healthienevada.org/participants/

If you are a current hospital participant with HealtHIE Nevada that sends data to us through your electronic medical record system, there are no new interfaces for you to implement, just reach out and we’ll let you know what to expect going forward. If your hospital does not currently participate with HealtHIE Nevada, please reach out to our Outreach Team at hiesupport@healthienevada.org to help you become a participant.

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