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computer-iconWhat is a Health Information Exchange?

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) lets your medical care team share your patient information instantly. Your medical care team may include doctors, hospitals, labs, and others who need to know your medical history and test results to care for you.

Who is HealtHIE Nevada?

HealtHIE Nevada is non-profit company that is privately owned. A group of medical professionals in Nevada started HealtHIE Nevada. Our goal is to link the healthcare community in our state. We believe that sharing medical information instantly, safely, and correctly improves the quality of your healthcare.

HealthInsight manages HealtHIE Nevada.

Why do I need the HIE?

Your medical care team needs your health information to correctly diagnose and treat you. Each member of your team may have a piece of your medical history. If all of your team can see your whole medical history, they can give you better care.

Here is how the HIE can help you:

  • HealtHIE Nevada gives your doctor a quick and easy way to see your health information. Health information can be lab, x-ray, and other test results that make up your medical history.
  • As your information becomes available, the HIE will quickly send your data to your doctors. A complete medical history lets your doctor make faster and more correct choices when caring for you.
  • When your doctors share your medical history, they can manage your care better. Specialists will have the information they need faster. The emergency room staff can care for you even if you cannot answer questions.
  • The HIE is safe and secure and can only be seen by the people who are caring for you.
  • You will repeat the same tests less often.
  • Your records will still be safe and available if there is an emergency or natural disaster.

Who can see my health information?

Only doctors, hospitals, laboratories, radiologists, and pharmacies that are members of the HIE can see your personal information. Your medical team can use your information only to diagnose and treat your medical problems.